Task B (CAPTCHA) - I knew very little about how the CAPTCHA worked before doing this assignment. The first thing I did was to google it. I found many open source options. I went through and found one, I got it all set up and found that it did not validate. The same happened with the second one I tried. The third time worked and even validated. I do not know if I like it, but it works. The open source code was fairly easy to insert into my current contact page. I did find some problems in the top PHP code that checks to see if they entered the right code. With some testing the page now works as it should.

Task C (Messages) - I got pretty far working with the message system. I pretty much just followed the outline on the final exam sheet. I used a lot of the same code that we have used before and just modified it. The messages are stred in a table and they are viewable. I ran into a problem with the reply. It will write the message to the reply table but will not send the message in a email.