Form Validation

The information for this write up was taken mostly from User-Friendly Form Validation with PHP and CSS.

Ensure that the information given in a form is complete and valid

   It is important to validate the information that is included in a form to make sure that all of the information is valid and in the proper format. This can be done in two ways. The first is on the client side. This is done using java script. This method is sometimes faster but can be very hard to work with. The client side does all of the validation before it sends it to the server. The second method is server side. This is done using PHP code. This method is slower but more reliable and easier to work with. This meathod sends all of the information to the server which in turn does all of the validation.

   I find it interesting all of the validation that needs to be done to make sure that all of the information is correct. These checks will insure that all of the information that the user is trying to send gets to us or to the database. Without these checks the wrong information could be sent over and over and the user would never know. Through checks that include more than just checking if the field is empty will insure that the forms we create will function properly.

My Site

  On my site I plan on including a email me link. This will help people that want to contact me the necessary means to do so. I have also heard that we will be making a login screen. I find this very interesting, connecting a database through a webpage. I am sure that validation will be an important part of making sure that no one will be able to hack our site.

Other Site

  I chose to focus on the website of Login for BYUI. I chose this site because I spend most of my time there. At first glance, I could not tell what kind of validation it uses. As I looked further it looks like they use php and server-side validation. As we have not gone over the login part of validation I as sure that I will understand it more. I did notic that there are only 2 items ( user and password) compared to the forms that we have been dealing with that have many differnet entries.